During the past twenty years there has been a massive increase in the infrastructure development of the Hong Kong SAR. This has been accompanied by an expansion of the controls imposed by the Government in terms of the standards of design, supervision and monitoring of construction for civil engineering projects.

Smithfield Extension, Pokfulam

Steel Truss Bridge
The increasingly competitive market for large government infrastructure contracts has put pressure on the industry to develop new ways to achieve cost-effective construction. ESA is able to combine expertise in civil, structural and geotechnical engineering to meet the challenges of these market forces. Appreciation of the Client's needs and an ability to respond quickly to changing demands has made ESA one of the leading practitioners in this field.

This expertise is reflecting in pre-tender and post-award reviews of Engineer's designs. This establishes areas where innovative and alternative construction techniques may be used to produce economic and timely results. ESA has also developed a reputation in the private sector for the economical design of civil works, including storm and foul drainage, roadworks and vehicular and pedestrian bridges commonly required under lease conditions.



Ching Cheung Tunnels

Design of support measures

Temporary Haul Road Bridge, Central Waterfront

Steel bridge design and fabrication drawings

Belcher Gardens Development

Road and drainage design

SSDS Contract DE/93/15

Alternative permanent works design

Chek Lap Kok Airport

Design of temporary works for cut and cover tunnels

NENT Landfill

Insurance investigation of slope failure

NKIL 4850 Tai Po Road

Access viaduct, footbridge design and road junction improvements

Kau Shat Wan

Design of blast walls, pre-cast tunnel portals and tunnel and cavern support measures

KCRC West Rail

Pre-tender designs

Interchange, West Kowloon Reclamation