The high population and shortage of suitable land for development create a number of needs including disposal of sewage, drainage and waste and the mitigation of noise and air pollution. Government strategy to overcome land shortages involves successive stages of reclamation which results in other environmental problems due to contamination, and the quickly evolving new towns increase the demand on the sewerage and drainage systems.

Government legislation, under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance, requires that the environmental impacts of all new developments are now properly considered before works can be commenced.

Central Air Monitoring Station

ESA is primarily involved in the drainage, sewerage, waste disposal and contaminated land aspects of environmental engineering. Experience has been gained in the private sector in preparing impact assessments and designing permanent works while, in the public sector, it is predominantly form working with contractors for design and build contracts and in providing advice on construction techniques that minimize the impact on the environment.

Solutions to environmental problems are an important consideration throughout all types of works. For example, our engineers are familiar with the design of temporary and permanent drainage and sewerage, preparing drainage impact assessments, reinforcing soil slopes to optimize excavation quantities in landfills, considering modes of groundwater contamination and methods of mitigation, and reviewing alternative construction approaches to noise and air pollution impacts.


Controlled Drilling


Ngong Ping Resort Development

Drainage impact assessment

SSDS DE/93/15

Alternative design for preliminary treatment works

EPD Air Quality Monitoring Stations

Design of monitoring stations

Blasting Assessment at Tseung Kwan O

Assessment of noise and vibration impacts 

 Seawater Outfall at HKUST

Environmental impact assessment

District Open Space Area 8, Tuen Mun

Design of Stormwater drainage

KCRC West Rail Contracts CC 201 & 211

Drainage impact assessments for temporary works

Microfabrication Centre, HKUST

Design of cleanroom

Microfabrication Centre, Cleanroom