The combination of widely varying terrain and ground conditions combined with rapid development has created the need for a high level of expertise in geotechnical engineering. Specialist knowledge and design input is required for development on slopes or in areas of reclamation and includes the need for detailed submissions for foundations, basements tunnels and slopes in order to meet the guidelines and approval of the Geotechnical Engineering Office and Buildings Department.

ESA has been providing this specialist service since 1980 with engineers who are familiar with the requirements of the Government and can plan, design and supervise the geotechnical elements of new developments or remedial works. They are also available to give advice to Contractors on economical and practical methods of construction in respect of the prevailing ground and groundwater conditions.

Cost effective and innovative solutions have been adopted to overcome natural hazards and man-made problems using:

  • Retaining techniques including sheet-piling, soldier-piling, soil-nailing, bored piling and diaphragm walling.
  • Foundations comprising pad foundations, rafts, H-piles, bored piles and mini-piles.
  • Excavation methods incorporating blasting, ripping, shovelling scraping  and splitting.

Monitoring techniques using geophysical and geodetic surveying, inclinometers and piezometers.

Construction of Luxury Housing Development, Mt Kellet Road, The Peak

Temporary Works for Basement Construction


GEO Agreement CE 12/96

Design and supervision of landslide prevention measures on behalf Hong Kong Government

No. 1 May Road

Studies of soil: structure interaction

Kau Shat Wan
Explosives Storage Depot

Mapping of ground conditions and determination of tunnel and cavern supports

Singapore MRT

Geotechnical studies

LAR 503C Kowloon Station

Insurance investigations of bored piling construction techniques

Tsing Yi Open Space

Extensive re-design of site formation, including the use of artificial rock

New HK Airport

Development of construction techniques for APM tunnels incorporating groundwater control

Queen Street

Design of diaphragm wall and sheet piling in basement construction